Flexa Touch drawer latch adjustable sprung push catch no handle needed

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Flexa Touch drawer latch
adjustable sprung push catch for drawers
Push to open - push to close
no handle or knob needed on drawer front

For a sleek looking kitchen with no handles
Can be retro fitted to your existing kitchen
to help you create a new look

Finger pressure on the drawer front releases the spring and the drawer opens automatically
The ram has 20 mm adjustment for perfect alignment of the drawers.
20mm throw - see technical drawing
Fixing materials are included
Beige plastic

How to fit the Flexa touch drawer latch
Screw to back of drawer or back of carcase and adjust the ram,
by winding it in or out, to line up the drawer fronts
Space requirement behind drawer 49mm to 69mm
CAUTION - In order for the Flexa Touch to function efficiently
the back of the cabinet must be solid (not just hardboard)
If your cabinets have hardboard backs
you can still use Flexa touch by adding a solid plank of wood
to the back with angle brackets or modesty blocks

If space is limited behind the drawer
the Flexa Touch can be mounted through a hole in the back of the drawer
Use additional packing as necessary


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