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Wooden biscuits are made of compressed beech and are used for jointing two pieces of wood together. Also known as lamellas or jointing plates. Biscuits are most commonly used to join sheet materials such as MDF, plywood and chipboard but can also be used for hardwood and softwood. They provide a strong joint without the need for screws, nails or other mechanical fixings. A 4mm wide slot the length and half the depth of the biscuit must be made in the corresponding place in each of the two components to be joined. This slot can be made using a biscuit jointer or a router fitted with a 4mm thick slotting cutter. Apply glue to both sides of the biscuit and optionally to the slots and jointing faces of the two pieces to be joined. To prevent the two components from twisting relative to each other, use at least two biscuits per joint. It is advisable to clamp the job whilst the glue is drying.

We stock 3 sizes of biscuit in quantities of 100 or 1000 or multiples thereof.

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